In deference to Oupa Tommie, a Minister, School Builder and Father Figure to many parishes in various communities in the Southern Cape Region, Pater Tom Coffee will reclaim and revitalise the way he used to enjoy his coffee; Roasted by Hand in a Cast Iron Cauldron, on an Open Fire. Dark, Strong, Bitter and Creamy.

{“Pater” in Latin means Father or Priest.}

From its sultry awakenings in the sub-tropical jungles of the ‘Coffee Corridor‘, to the intoxicating aromas of freshly roasted beans and the creamy-bitter lingering aftertaste; Coffee is a living, breathing Elixir.  Every cup unique.

What’s Roasting?

Pater Tom Coffee Wood  Fire  Coffee  Passion My clausal memory of coffee was burnt into my brain by the strong, dark, wood fired coffee my Grandfather, Tommie de Villiers, drank.  Sweet and black from a cup and saucer and fed us sips of cool, sweet, strong coffee from...

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Vive la France!

In honour of Bastille Day and a highly likely World Cup victory, we will be doing a dark French Roast this weekend. We will also do our other single-origin medium and dark roasts. A wonderful cold, wet, winter's weekend lies ahead and our fires will be burning for the...

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