Pater Tom Coffee

Wood  Fire  Coffee  Passion

My clausal memory of coffee was burnt into my brain by the strong, dark, wood fired coffee my

Grandfather, Tommie de Villiers, drank.  Sweet and black from a cup and saucer and fed us sips of cool, sweet, strong coffee from the saucer, while we sat around his chair listening to stories.

Once tasted, the brain stores pleasant tastes in the “Never-Forget-Me” lobe and we continually yearn for such tastes and the memories of it and subconsciously look for it.  Such was the case with me and my Grandfather’s coffee.  Never Forgotten.

20 Years ago, I discovered my Grandfather’s coffee roasting cauldron in my parent’s cellar and started my quest towards that illusive taste.  My mother Nora roasted coffee for my grandfather when he was too old so she helped me on my way roasting, and guided me till I was ready to walk on my own and start to climb the ladder to the long forgotten never perfectible art of true wood fired, hand roasted coffee as nature intended it to be.

And so Pater Tom Coffee was born in honour of my Grandfather, Reverend Tommie De Villiers, from Oudtshoorn, a Dutch Reformed Missionary Church Minister that built 21 schools and 3 churches in the rural Oudtshoorn district.  He uplifted through education and love and a lifetime of selfless sacrifice, generations of poor, disadvantaged worker communities that still to this day produce Ministers, Teachers, Educators and Professionals as a monument to his life spent in the service of others.

Wood Fired Hand Roasted Coffee possesses the unique true nature of the bean, roasted as it should be, unencumbered by a scientific, clinical, sterile, machinated roasting approach for the sake of yield and profit.

The development of the bean as it heats up, the colour changing as the temperature rise, the different smells starting to form and develop as the magic of the heat and smoke and energy transform the beans into a wondrous flavour-gem of nature where not one single cup of coffee is ever the instant same. Always living always changing.

A worldwide journey of countries and tastes start to unfold and grow as we drink our way along the coffee corridor of the world from Java to Colombia to Africa and Asia.  We at Pater Tom Coffee produce four different styles of coffee to cater for the wide spectrum of coffee drinkers.

Our signature roast is the Traditional Dark Roast which consists of a Brazilian, an African and an Asian green coffee bean that’s roasted dark separately and then blended equal measures to produce a dark, sweet aromatic true coffee flavour that will stay with you for hours.  Superb for Plungers, Mocha Pots and Espresso machines, this coffee will take you back to the old days to true coffee taste unencumbered by modern day coffee fads, “Shickey Mickies” and greed.

Our Medium/Medium Dark blend is aptly named The Divine Cup.  A blend of 4 different beans, 2 from Africa, one from Asia and one from South America, roasted separately to Medium or Medium Dark to bring out its own unique flavour and then blended very specifically to produce a soft, yet strong and flavourful profile, from a hint of apple to a lingering honey aftertaste.  It is ideal for Cappuccinos and milky beverages and as an afternoon coffee full of flavour and florals.

Our Ethiopian Sidamo Nr 4 Single Origin Roast must be one of the true unique beans that possess most of the qualities and a lot of the flavours that we look for in our coffee. Roasted Medium Dark it marries the more acidic medium floral and fruity flavours with the sweeter, more aromatic leathery smoky darker roasting flavours.  As described by the Coffee Collaborative Company’s Worldwide Sourcer of Coffee beans as ‘One of the best if not the best Cappuccino I’ve ever had’.  That takes some doing.

Our last but not least blend is The Devils Brew. Three different continent’s classic beans roasted Dark Medium Dark and blended to produce a sweet, strong, full bodied coffee.  Named jokingly after coffee’s infamous Middle Age name, which never stuck, most probably because the Church wanted to outlaw it for the pleasure people derived from it, and therefore labelled it the devils brew.  Only to raise the ire of the then King who saw his favourite drink disappearing if the name stuck, which prompted him to organise a quick silencing beheading of a Priest or two, dooming the name to a quick and dusty death (fictitious).  This coffee is ideal for Espressos, Mocha Pots, Plungers, Americanos and Percolators.

Coffee Beans can be ordered from Nel de Villiers and we deliver minimum amounts in the Cape Peninsula and Metropole and we specialize in small businesses and offices that require good coffee roasted with care and quality for the discerning employee and employer.

Nel De Villiers